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New Under the Sun | Time Perspective

An interactive illustrated experience capturing everyday moments that reflect on changes in perception of time throughout five periods of life - infancy, childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. The project was inspired by Leah Goldberg's "End of the road songs".

Soon to be released as an ios app. stay tuned!

Graduation project at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design with the guidance of Maayan Levitzky.
Programming | Eli Strajnik
Animation assistance | Orit Oged
Music by Ana Frango Elétrico / No bico do mamilo


‘First impression’ Exhibition

Illustration week 2019, Tel-Aviv

30 illustrators were asked to answer 30 questions anonymously.

Questions like: “If you could choose a different century to be born in, what would it be?“
“What is your guilty pleasure?”
“What is your first memory?”

Each of us, was paired with an anonymous illustrator and asked to create a portrait based on their answers.  

The resulting exhibit was hosted and curated by SudaySky studio.
Photo by Yael Viviorka


Daughters of January

By E.Z. Rinsky

Humanity has succumbed to a man-made plague. Only eleven people survive, by fleeing out to the middle of the Atlantic on a cargo ship.

They’re an unlikely group of survivors: among them a middling French photographer, a frail hedge fund manager, and a manic purveyor of artisanal salad dressing.

As the sailors struggle to adapt to their surreal new lives, they resort to preposterous power grabs, desperate trysts, and paranoid scheming. Ultimately their only chance to reboot humanity rests with the cult responsible for the end of the world: The Daughters of January.”

link for purchase through Amazon
and Book Depository 


‘Soundtrack’ Exhibition

Illustration week 2020, Tel-Aviv

Every illustator created a playlist representing a moment or a period in his life. We got an anonymous playlist and had to illustate a cover, trying to find hints and emotions behind the sounds.

The playlist I got to illustrate is called “Eight Grade” and it’s about finding independence through music choices, listened to from a mini-disc on a dark bas ride back from school.

The playlists are live on Spotify
The resulting exhibit was hosted and curated by SudaySky studio.


Morning person

Frame by frame, Photoshop


Frame by frame, Photoshop

Monkeys Video Game

Frame by frame, Photoshop & After effects animation